Investigation of mobile and self-organising communication and data platforms
and of strategies for organisation and action in complex, large-scale situations




In a variety of normally safe facets of everyday life (such as large-scale public events or the use of private or public transportation) or in situations with high risk potential - for example in civil engineering, underground construction and tunnel management, i.e. underground infrastructure - unpredictable events that endanger all concerned occur time and again. In such situations, law enforcement and emergence services are faced with an abundance of challenges. Emergency services focus on the rapid rescue and medical care of all persons involved in the accident. Simultaneously other authorities need to collect data to prevent additional risks and assure potential criminal proceedings.   
For the security forces and rescue workers engaged in a major operation, no integrative information and communication tool is available up until now. Today such coordination is carried out by personal consultation at the site, via official radio channels or by means of paper-based documentation. In the case of scenarios such as mass casualty incidents, however, personal consultations or the procurement and dispatch of documents are virtually impossible to manage. Processes are inefficient and precious time is lost as a result: factors that, in the worst case, raise the number of victims.

Project description and goals

The project combines two different access channels, which have also been divided into two separate work segments within the project: SpeedUp Practice and SpeedUp Technology. SpeedUp Practice focuses on the development of interaction and communication models for the emergency forces and on methods for structuring and describing the situation. This can then serve as a basis for assessing the situation and options and their impacts. At the same time, the results serve as specifications and a benchmark for the future technical implementation, the SpeedUp Technology. SpeedUp Technology as IT solution will be designed to support rescue workers in all required actions through additional information, processed sensor data and flexible communication structures. This will enable faster and higher quality action in a disaster and make it possible to save more lives.

Innovations and applications

The coordination of the emergency forces in large-scale operations will be supported by a mobile and largely self-organising technical system (IT framework). To this end, a communication and data platform for the coordination and networking of all emergency forces will be developed. The design of this software solution will enable it to integrate mobile platforms and local sensors as standard and within its architecture permit - on command - different communication and organisation structures to be set up and operated stably on a largely self-organising basis.


The collaborative project SpeedUp is funded within the Federal Government's programme "Research for Civil Security" (call "Rescue and protection of people") by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (duration: 1 May 2009 - 30 April 2012).